Anything bulk from Turkey 

Have you decided to start a business with Turkey?

Is it time to expand and find new suppliers?

You fly to Istanbul the old fashioned way to make bulk purchases. The trip gives results... however, summing up, you understand that you expected more. Searching on your own turned out to be not so easy, and considering the time, finances and efforts spent, your benefit is rather doubtful. In this case, at least you will earn something, because one-day firms can simply evaporate with your money...

EasyTurkey has been working with the Turkish market for a long time. We have established contacts with reliable manufacturers and carriers. Over the years of work, we have accumulated a knowledge base and we can confidently say that we know everything about bulk purchases to make them as comfortable as possible..
EasyTurkey will help you to import any goods.

We will look for suppliers and arrange wholesale deliveries for you.

Manufacturers change their assortment every season to always be in trend. This stimulates demand, but due to the constant change in the assortment, creating price lists does not make sense. Therefore, we create introductory albums showing the range and pricing of the brand, and we also hold video conferences to keep you up to date with the latest innovations.
With EasyTurkey team you can make bulk purchases without getting up from the couch
All you need is internet
We will select for you brands of manufacturers for your budget and requests
At the appointed time, we will hold a video conference from the store
and demonstrate the product
After your approval, we will buy the goods for you
We will send to cargo after full payment no later than the day of dispatch
EasyTurkey fulfills LUXURY SEGMENT orders

LUXURY products take time to produce and are made to order. The production time of the order is determined by agreement with the manufacturer.
After transferring an advance payment of 50% of the order amount,
the manufacturer starts fulfilling the order.
Additional services
  • Information intelligence
    Search and provision of information on the terms of cooperation with specific manufacturers at your request
  • Shoe chipping
  • Labeling of textile products
  • Certificate of conformity
What to buy in bulk from Turkey with EasyTurkey?
  • Men's and women's clothing
  • Baby clothes
  • Men's and women's shoes
  • Kid's shoes
  • For hammams and baths
  • Electrical goods
  • Bed sheets
    and towels for the house
    and hotels
  • Underwear
    and pajamas
  • Hosiery
  • Sportwear
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